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**** HOW TO GET A MEMBERSHIP SAME DAY**** The address you receive your FIRST delivery must be the address listed on your photo ID. If where you live is different than the address on your ID you will then need to send a verifiable piece of mail (government letter , gas bill ...) as proof of residency In the same photo of you and your ID. When sending in a picture of your ID you will need to be in the photo as well as proof it is your ID. As long as these two things are met your will be able to get same day delivery today.
For those of you who are more comforatble registering over the phone, please contact us via live chat and we will take care of you.


Driver's license only. Applicants must take picture of themselves holding their license. Face and driver's license picture must both be visible for verification.

Registration confirmation will be emailed to you.

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